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What makes a Tampa web design company the right one for you? While there are many factors, all we know is that you’ve found the right one the moment you land on our page. Read more about us here.

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So, what kind of services are we offering for your web design needs? BrightSky Web Design has everything you need and more! Whether you need a simple web design or a more complicated e-Commerce website or a content marketing strategy rich with SEO, our dedicated team will be ready to assist and serve you. We can guarantee that you’ll have the best experience working with us and availing of our practical solutions for your business’ marketing demands.

Here’s a little something about us

BrightSky Web Design is a web design company that has had an early start in the web design industry in the local area, specializing in providing an excellent service to local businesses. We have worked hand in hand with plenty of local clients, not only with our selection of Internet services, but also through a variety of services in other industries as well.


Speaking of guarantee, we’d love to show you our portfolio, which we lovingly curate to showcase our past web design projects, as well as the successes our clients achieved with our customized strategies.

Websites with bad design tend to have a poor and sub-optimal ranking on Google

Analytics would show you that visitors are leaving the site almost as soon as they arrive. It’s not always the content that’s the culprit. It could actually be the form and the design of the Tampa website. A web is always judged by the user experience. How easy is it to navigate and browse through? Can our grandparents look at the site without hurting their eyes?

So, what makes a good web design?


A website has a purpose and that purpose will depend on what the customers are looking for on your site. Are they looking for information? Are they going to transact with your business? Each page of your website needs to have a purpose and it needs to fulfill that purpose every time someone visits the page. The goal of each design element is to work on that purpose and attract as many visitors as possible to engage with your site.


Most visitors in Tampa who are visiting your website for the first time are looking for information. They want that information fast, too, so always find a way for your design to make the information easily digested. Some useful tips you can apply on your website are to organize the information using headlines and sub-headlines, use bullet points instead of long sentences, and quit going around the bush and focus on the main topic.


The most commonly used typeface in web design is Arial and Verdana. These are members of the Sans Serif fonts family, which are contemporary-looking fonts without frills and decorative finishes. They are the fonts easiest to read on the web. The ideal font size is 16 points and you must stick to a maximum of three typefaces in a maximum of three-point sizes. This will keep the page looking streamlined.


Study the color palette you want to use. Are you more inclined to use an earthy and natural tone? Do you want your page to look more vibrant? Are you going for a chic design and want to use pink, gold, and white as your primary colors? Complementary colors create harmony and balance while the use of contrasting colors works well for the text and the background to make reading easier on the eye. Leave the use of the more vibrant colors such as red and orange for buttons and call to actions. Lastly, always consider white space or empty space because it will give your website a more modern and uncluttered look.


Some visitors can leave your website just because they found it hard to navigate through it. Effective navigation will include a logical page hierarchy, bread crumbs, clickable buttons, and the three-click rule, which means users should be able to find the information they are looking for in just three clicks.


Use the grid-based layout to make sure that your web page will not look messy and cluttered. Putting the elements in a haphazard manner will make the website hard to understand and navigate. Grid-based layouts will arrange the content in columns, sections, and boxes. The overall look of the website will feel balanced, which will lead to a better web design.

Load Time

Nobody likes a website that takes a long time to load. The initial reaction of every person faced with that problem is to leave the website and go to a similar site. If you want your website to load faster, you need to optimize the images (size and scale), combining code into a central CSS or JavaScript file, and minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScipt (compressed to speed up the load time).


We cannot highlight enough the importance of using original Tampa images on your website. Choosing the right images for your website will help with brand positioning and will connect more with your target audience. You can always consider purchasing stock photos to boost the overall look of your website, but visitors still prefer if you can incorporate your own images. You can also use a lot of infographics as these are more effective at communicating even the most complicated piece of content you have on the site.


You know you want to click that button. Ask us for a quotation so we can start our journey together toward building a successful Tampa web design and web marketing strategies.